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Logan Ondrusek To See Dr. James Andrews For Second Opinion On Elbow
By: Rich Dubroff, March 10, 2017

SARASOTA, Fla. -- Orioles right-handed reliever Logan Ondrusek will get a second opinion on his right elbow from orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews.

Ondrusek, who experienced elbow discomfort against Detroit at Lakeland, Fla., March 6, will see Dr. Andrews the week of March 20.

The 32-year-old right-hander, who was re-signed in November to a one-year,
$650,000 contract with a $1.5 million option for 2018, had an MRI March 8.

"I'm kind of waiting to see until I get a second opinion as far as what we're going to do and everything like that," Ondrusek said.
"It's not the outcome I wanted, but until I talk to Andrews and see what he has to say … I don't think it's going to change a whole lot.
But it's one of those things, we're just going to wait and see and go from there.

"I'm going to go see him and talk to him. I've never met the guy, and I'd like to be able to sit down and ask questions and stuff like that, too. Just to clarify certain things or whatever it is."

Ondrusek, who had a 9.95 ERA in seven games for the Orioles last season after he was signed as a free agent July 29,
said he never had a specific issue with the elbow.

"I've done this for so long that you get soreness, and you're sore one day, and it's not there the next day," Ondrusek said.
"It's just one of those things where, over time and seasons, nobody in here is going to come in every day and be 100 percent.
But this is one of those things where it's one pitch, and it's kind of like, 'What the heck was that?' You don't think anything of it.

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"I've gone out there and thrown when I was really sore, and I was fine.
And this one was just, afterward, I felt fine.
I didn't think anything was going on and woke up in the middle of the night, and it was hurting a little bit and had to get it checked out.
Could it have been something before? I don't know. It's just hard to say."

Ondrusek said because he doesn't have a long-term contract, there are real worries about possible surgery.

"If I had a five-year deal, it's a big deal, but it's not as big of a deal, because then you still have the certainty of, 'Oh, I've got five years,'" Ondrusek said. "
When you're fighting for spots and doing things like that, obviously,
you want to make sure you're taking the right steps and the right process to get back as healthy and as quick as you can. Sometimes, it's a little thing.
Sometimes it's a big thing. It's just a matter of what everyone says and come up with the best plan and the best outcome."

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